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Collected Remembrance -Fieldart in Shinjuku-
Field Art 004

Documentation Video (on YouTube)


In “Collected Remembrance” Project, the artist interviewed local residents about stories that have fade or disappeared with the lapse of time and reconstruct them for a time-space mapping system.

Shinjuku is a quite curious area including both modern skyscrapers and old places like Omoide-yokocho. In this project, historical photos have been collected.
Furthermore, historical aerial photos are used as the layer of the time.
Participants can listen to experiences of local residents and see the old landscape photos connecting the location in Tsunohazu, walking through the time-and-space map like virtual reality by manipulating a custom interface.


This custom software using the time-and-space mapping system can build an archive.
Time axis is displayed as layers, and aerial photos on the layers are located (1947 to 2001). If the information, time and location, is input into a custom database, a yellow circular object representing the interviewed voice is automatically displayed onto to the time-and-space map.


Time goes back by pushing the controller of the interface, and goes forward by pulling it. Furthermore, by panning the controller (right, left, up, down), the viewpoint of the map horizontally and vertically moves. By this means, the participants can intuitively move through the time-and-space map. Then, if the yellow object passes the white center circle, the interview can be listened.


4.1. Interviewee

Local residents who now live or work in Tsunohazu (old name of west-Shinjuku and Kabukicho) area had been interviewed. Wide range of generations was selected to know the time difference of experiences.

4-2. Interview Detail

Two questions are asked to interviewees.

Please tell the most memorable person you have met in Tsunohazu. When and where did you meet him or her first time. Why he or she is the most memorable?

Please tell the most memorable happening/incident that had happened in Tsunohazu. When and where did it happen? It does not matter whether it was a good or bad memory, personal or social, yet has to be an actual incident that had happened in specific point of time and space. (After the interview, interviewees marked the point where that incident happened on the map)

Collected interviews were shortened (about 15 seconds), and registered into a database with the information of time and location. Custom software fetches the information of the interviews and locates it as yellow objects in the 3d map space.


5-1. System

Software: software written in objective-C
OS: Mac OS X 10.5.6

5-2. Hardware

Custom Interface (including SpaceNavigator)
Monitor Cable (15 meters)
Video Projector (over 18,000 lumens projector is preferable)