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Hidden Structure
Social Code 002

This work was made for Hiroshi Mori’s project in his exhibition “Publicly Speaking.” His project had had an original idea of exhibiting the T-shirts which were designed by more than one artist as they were. They altered UNIQLO’s T-shirts (collaborated with many organizations’ logo) from the original design. Currently, the cellular phone is equipped with a function as a system of recognizing information in QR code (quick response code) /two-dimensional bar code by making use of its camera function. As a use, it can find companies’ URL and connect companies’ sites from their QR code very easily.

Reasonably, if people accessed companies’ web site by such a way, they can find mostly superficial information for advertisement for addressers, however if participants access using QR code, they can search internal structural information of these companies.
Here, I chose from the T-shirts of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M. I.T.) and General Electric (G. E) which UNIQLO sells as objects, and created the program which can access the information of both organizations on Google using QR code and a camera of a cellular phone.

It is enough surprise. Although M.I.T. is a globally famous university for an engineering faculty, it is not known that the institute is deeply connected with the munitions industry in the U.S.. Also, General Electric has started as an electrical equipment manufacturer originally, however, there is a fact that it has grown up as a huge conglomerate by merger and acquisition.

If participants access organization’s URL reading through QR code printed on these T-shirts, they will look up the report according to the keyword for search which I set up through Google. As a result, they will visit the site which both organizations do not open to the public positively but they are existing on a network.

This work focused on the behavior of economy and politics which are social affairs. They get rolling on their systems and different sense of values from the phenomena which are superficial occurrences in news and flowing daily life.

1.M.I.T. T-shirts

I embedded the following keywords for search into nine QR-codes.
1. “ MIT “ sponsor “ US Army “
2. “ MIT “ sponsor “ US Air Force “
3. “ MIT “ sponsor “ US Navy “
4. “ MIT “ sponsor “ US Department of Defense “
5. “ MIT “ sponsor “ US National Security Agency “
6. “ MIT “ sponsor “ US Defense Advanced Research “
7. “ MIT “ sponsor “ Central Intelligence Agency “
8. “ MIT “ sponsor “ Defense Intelligence Agency “
9. “ MIT “ sponsor “ Missile Defense Agency “

If a participant accesses organization’s URL reading through its QR-code, Google will search their articles according to these keywords for search. In consequence, it will show what kind of joint research and sponsored research are performed by M.I.T. and the U.S. military organizations.


2. General Electric T-shirts

The search keywords about GE are mainly chosen about merger and acquisition, etc. Therefore, participants can view what kind of companies have been taken over and have been released by General Electric until today.

1. “ GE “
2. “ GE acquired “
3. “ GE purchased “
4. “ founded by GE “
5. “ GE bought “
6. “ GE merged “
7. “ GE sold “
8. “ GE “ acquisition
9. “ GE “ reorganization


MIT T-shirt Front
MIT T-shirt Back
G.E. T-shirt Front
G.E. T-shirt Back